INFO for boats arriving to Hanko

The following instructions applies to all 6mR boats participating, in the Worlds arriving in Hanko before 1.8 (storage) and boats arriving 1.8 or 2.8 in a container:

Boats are transported directly to Port of Hanko ( ) for storage. Port of Hanko is approximately 1 km west of the Eastern Harbour - the regatta harbour ( ). Prior to arrival and well in advance contact must be established with Mr. Goran Eriksson (phone +358- 40-536 4198) at Hango Stevedoring ( ) in order to settle for entrance to the secured area & storage.
During 1.8 - 2.8 all boats are one by one transported by truck ( )  from Port of Hanko to the Eastern Harbour for launching and rigging by crane.
Boats arriving 1.8-2.8 by truck (note: not in a container) can drive directly to the Eastern Harbour for launching
The above relates to the boat handling package as described on the event web site:






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