Register to Airisto Classic Regatta - 18-20 July

We are honored to invite You to the Airisto Classic Regatta, which will be sailed on July 18th-20th 2019 in Turku.

The Regatta harbour is located at the historical Åbo Båtvarv where Zaké and Bruno Westin together with Jarl Lindblom and Gunnar L. Stenbäck designed their fantastic classics back in the days.

Now Åbo Båtvarv includes a guest harbour, restaurant, cáfe and two venues for different occasions such as congress events and concerts. One of the venues is the Westin hall, an old Åbo Båtvarf boatbuilding hall and the other one is the newly built Lindblom hall. Additionally there is a workshop called the Stenbäck hall which is open for guests.

The Regatta can be participated by boats in the following classes:

- The  International 5-Metre Cup

- Metre Yacht Class (12mR, 10mR, 8mR, 6mR, 5.5m, 5m)

- Baltic Classic Masters (Classic sailboats, made of wood or riveted steel, built or drawn before 1970)

* Wednesday 17th - Registration & Welcome Cocktails; Åbo Båtvarf/Ruissalon Telakka
* Thursday 18th - Sailors' Dinner at Airisto Segelsällskap Pavillion
* Friday 19th - Classic Yacht Anniversaries Party; Åbo Båtvarf/Ruissalon Telakka (all participating yachts filling even years...)
* Saturday 20th - Regatta Dinner & Prize Giving Ceremony; Åbo Båtvarf / Ruissalon Telakka

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