• AUGUST 1–9, 2019
    6mR Worlds 2011, Helsinki. Photo: Sailpix

2019 Championship will be sailed in the waters of Hanko

Governed by the International Six Metre Association, the Six Metre World Championships are held every two years. The next race will take a place on August 2019 at the city of Hanko, where the sea sparkles from three directions of the compass, and nearly all the roads lead to the sea.

Sustainable sailing

International 6mR class World Championship event in combination with BSAG Baltic Sea awareness event. 

The Championship sail racing event with boats that only use the wind to move, is the perfect event to host a Baltic Sea event, to raise awareness to the state the Baltic Sea is in, and what we ALL can do to help it. The Baltic Sea Action Group is funded by companies that want to be environmentally proactive and help in saving the Baltic Sea.



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